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Accredited Professionals are passionate trainers and implementers of Holistic Management (HM). They work closely with the top minds in Holistic Management to develop a broad, comprehensive view of the HM curriculum, and once certified, go out and pass those skills along to others. Accreditation allows you to train, support and consult with other landowners and producers in your region and throughout the world.

What can I expect to learn?

  • Foundations of Holistic Management - Holistic Management is a framework for managing complex systems. An Accredited Professional knows how to practice and teach the foundational principles of Holistic Management.

  • Ecosystem Processes - Accredited professionals help others see the world through the lens of the four ecosystem processes. This is key to reading landscapes and helping producers identify the earliest indicators of soil and ecosystem health or degradation.

  • Holistic Management Decision-Making - Without a Holistic Context and decision checks, land managers risk becoming reactive and extractive in their management. Accredited Professionals guide people in realizing their full potential, ecologically and socially, through the practice of Holistic Management.

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