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Foundations #1-5: Course Bundle
Foundations #1-5: Course Bundle
Foundations #1-5: Course Bundle
Foundations #1-5: Course Bundle

Foundations #1-5: Course Bundle


Join us in all five online courses structured to teach you the fundamentals of Holistic Management and accelerate your impact on the land and your life. 

5 Courses, 28 Life-Changing Insights

In The Foundations of Holistic Management you'll learn how Allan Savory discovered the four key insights and how we can nurture our planet through Holistic Management. You'll leave this course with a greater appreciation for the wonder of our ecosystem and a powerful understanding of how you can begin to have an impact on the health of our planet. 

Unit 1: Introduction to Holistic Management
  • Foundations Course 1 - The Foundations of Holistic Management (6 Hours) 
Unit 2: Nurturing Our Planet
  • Foundations Course 2 - The Ecosystem Processes (2 Hours)
  • Foundations Course 3 - Tools to Manage Ecosystem Processes (2 Hours)
Unit 3: Holistic Decision Making
  • Foundations Course 4 - Defining and Creating Your Holistic Context (2 Hours)
  • Foundations Course 5 - Testing and Monitoring Decisions (2 Hours)

Learn Holistic Management Remotely

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who are these courses designed for?
A: Anyone and everyone who would benefit from the powerful insights that Allan Savory developed over 60 years of observation. From a producer who wants to increase their carrying capacity to the consumer who wants to raise their awareness about the products they buy.
Q: How will I know if I'm learning the material?
A: The courses have built in knowledge checks, which though ungraded, provide the opportunity for reflection and valuable feedback from Master Field Professionals in the Savory Network who helped develop the course content. 
Q: I don't know how much time I can devote to the courses, will I be rushed to complete them?
A: Not at all! We want the insights to be available to you regardless of your busy schedule, so the courses are self paced and can be stopped and resumed at any time.
Q: Is it recommended to take all five courses or can I choose the content I want to learn?
A: The courses are intended to be taken in sequence, and taking them in order will ensure that you grasp the material to the fullest extent. You can purchase them individually, or in a bundle.
Q: Once I complete the online courses, how can I continue my mastery?
A: After completing the online courses you'll be versed in the basics of Holistic Management, but don't stop there. Completion of the courses tees students up perfectly to continuing their learning by attending an in-person course hosted by one of the Savory Network Accredited Professionals. You can reach out to us at to find an in-person course near you. 

Total Combined Course Time: ~14 Hours

Go green and save green. Save 10% by purchasing all five courses together via the course bundle.

The Foundations E-Books #1-5 are provided through the courses, the textbook Holistic Management: A Commonsense Revolution to Restore Our Environment, is used in conjunction with the online courses.  Order your copy HERE.