Foundations, Financial, & Grazing eBook Bundle (Portuguese (Br) Translation)

Foundations, Financial, & Grazing eBook Bundle (Portuguese (Br) Translation)

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Foundations, Financial, & Grazing eBook Bundle (Portuguese Translation)


The first five eBooks summarize the information from the Holistic Management Textbook. The remaining eight eBooks are derived from the Holistic Management Handbook and cover the same planning and monitoring procedures, but also include exercises and other teach-yourself information that help you learn the decision-making, planning and monitoring more easily. The ebooks are updated annually and reflect the latest thinking gleaned from practitioners the world over.

  • E-Book 1 - Introduction to Holistic Management
  • E-Book 2 - Introduction to Ecosystem Processes
  • E-Book 3 - Tools to Manage Ecosystem Processes
  • E-Book 4 - Holistic Decision Making
  • E-Book 5 - Monitoring Your Decisions
  • E-Book 6 – The Fundamentals of Holistic Financial Planning
  • E-Book 7 - Creating Your Holistic Financial Plan
  • E-Book 8 - The Fundamentals of Holistic Planned Grazing
  • E-Book 9 - Creating Your Holistic Grazing Plan
  • E-Book 10 - The Fundamentals of Holistic Land Planning
  • E-Book 11 - Creating Your Holistic Land Plan
  • E-Book 12 - The Fundamentals of Holistic Ecological Monitoring
  • E-Book 13 - Monitoring Your Land